Reduce Energy Usage by 21% with
Smart Temperature Sensors 

Runwise powers 6,000+ buildings with our unique wireless sensor network, reducing fuel costs while ensuring energy compliance with climate laws. 

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Runwise Smart Heating Controls actively manage your building’s energy use with intelligent outdoor and indoor sensors that consider upcoming weather forecasts and adjust temperatures to limit excessive boiler activity. This proven approach reduces building emissions by an average of 21% and aligns your building with carbon legislation, protecting against potential penalties that can reach up to $100k.

  • Save on Heating, See Quick ROI: Runwise quickly pays for itself within a year, securing lasting savings on heating expenses.

  • 10-Year Wireless Sensor Battery Life: Once installed, sensors remain maintenance-free for a decade, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep.

  • Achieve 20% Greener Building Operations: The most cost-effective way to reduce carbon output, earn rebates, and comply with climate legislation.

  • Get Installed in One Day: 5-minute sensor setups mean no significant interruptions to your building operations, just better heat.











I trust Runwise. Their people are knowledgeable, supportive, engaging, and responsive. Their service improves residents’ experiences and quality of life.

Dawn Dickstein